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Your Instagram bio stinks. Serious business starts with a seriously amazing bio.

Updated: May 12, 2019

If you are serious about generating some business from Instagram, then you should be serious about writing an awesome IG Bio.  Now, maybe you're thinking that you're a big enough deal that just your name is all you need.....but I challenge you to read on!

In its simplest form, a strong Instagram bio could be the difference between the split second decision someone makes to follow you or not follow you.  And let's be real: they land on your profile and the time they use to decide is: A Split Second.

But more importantly, there are key elements that can help your followers become customers! And what if those are missing?! (*gasp*) I'm still amazed at number of profiles I see that lack two BIG things:

1. YOUR REAL NAME (first only is fine)

2. YOUR LOCATION ("but I'm a global/online brand," you're saying - stick with me)

I always coach that Instagram is a connection app....more than a photo app, right? So think about how weird it is to make a connection with username perfectlyglowingskin or theicyblondequeen without actually knowing your legit name.  Who Cares? 

They do.

Think of this: Someone is interested in buying your product, or booking a service with you.....so they look in your profile to call you, email, text, DM.....or whatever call to action you have set up....and it goes like this:

    "Ummm hi. I'd like to set up an appointment with theicyblondequeen."  Or an  email:  "Hey Perfectlyglowingskin, I'd like to know more about....." It's just not comfortable! And remember - you need to make it easy for them to CONNECT with you.  SO SOMEWHERE - HAVE YOUR REAL NAME.

MISTAKE #2 - No Location.  This happens to me All.The.Time.  I see beautiful hair, and wonder.....Is she near me? Could I set up an appointment?  I go to the bio and see NO LOCATION (arrgh!!!). Your bios are searchable!                               

*PRO TIP: People are using Instagram Search like Google: Example :"Denver Hairstylist" .......Do you show up in your city?  And for that global brand....some people just feel more comfortable doing business with someone in their area....or state....or country!  Do you not want to show up when searched?  Just food for thought.

Think of your bio as an elevator pitch, with some connection points sprinkled in.  To help you, I've included the link to my my one page download on some easy steps and must-haves to creating the perfect bio!  https://bit.ly/2HgDAaQ

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