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Ughhh....Live Video. The unexpected benefits of putting yourself out there.

I coach on Social Media Marketing and Visibility. Showing Up. Building an Online Persona. Getting yourself out there. Who would have thought that if you had told me, two years ago to do a Live Video, I would have run the other way!? But it’s true. 

I still remember the first Live Video I did on Facebook. I think I got sweaty, I know I said “uh” a lot, and it was HARD! On top of it all, I still remember that my high school boyfriend was viewing it Live. THIS was exactly my fear! What did I look like? (It was a Sunday afternoon.) What would people think? Would anyone like or comment? Why would people be interested in what I had to say?

I’ve come a long way since that day. Oh…I still get butterflies in my stomach sometimes, especially when I want to remember something specific or I’m going Live on a newer platform, like LinkedIn. And I’m not a PERFECT speaker…..but hey, it’s a Live Video – not a prepared speech. Surprisingly the biggest benefits have not been what it’s done for my business, but rather what it’s done FOR ME, the person.

1.     I have grown more accepting of myself. Most of the time when you are doing Live Video, your phone is turned on yourself. This means you are looking at yourself. The whole time. That’s a loooong time in Live minutes. That’s a lot of time to pick out your imperfections. You know what? It was one of the top 3 reasons that I DIDN’T want to do Live Video…..I didn’t want to look at myself. How ridiculous! The more I did them, the less my reflection annoyed me. I found myself focusing less on the imperfections and less on my looks in general. 

2.     It helped me become a better speaker. I’m not just talking about random “uh” here and there; but doing Live Video taught me to articulate my thoughts and present them better. Someone recently complimented how easy it is for me on Live Video. I’m not sure if it’s “easy,” but it certainly has become a more natural way to express myself. And that is 100% due to practice.

3.     It taught me to be intentional about what I share and to focus more on giving VALUE to others. Remember my fear of “why would someone want to listen to me?” I started doing Live Video to CONNECT with people. I started doing Live Video to show that I’m human, not perfect, and well…. just like them. I want to create a sense of community. In addition to that, I learned that people WILL want to listen if you educate, inform, inspire or entertain. You don’t do Live Video to sell, to push an agenda or to be controversial. 

Funny now, I hear my seven year old daughter “Going Live” in the playroom. I do love her self esteem, and Video will undoubtedly be a normal for her generation, I’m sure. She actually takes it a step farther though. She signs off with her “audience” by telling them “be sure to subscribe to my channel and follow me on Instagram!” Maybe I should hire her!

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