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The Top 5 Things You Need to Know About LinkedIn Right Now

#1. Google LOVES LinkedIn. What do I mean by this and what does it mean for you?

In order to not give a long SEO (search engine optimization) lesson, know this: Domain Authority is a search engine ranking score that predicts a website's likelihood to appear in a search engine’s results. Domain authority ranges from a score of 1 to 100. The higher your score, the better your website will rank. LinkedIn’s domain authority is 97. What this means for you: When someone googles you, chances are, one of the first two results shown to them, will be your LinkedIn profile. What this really means for you: You better get your LinkedIn profile in shape, so it adequately and thoroughly represents you. P.S. - Try it - google yourself!

#2. You have the ability to stand out on LinkedIn....More than on any other social media platform, right now.

Think about this:

There are more than 1 Billion active monthly users on Instagram.

There are more than 2 Billion active monthly users on Facebook.

There are more than 321 Million active monthly users on Twitter.

There are 260 Million active monthly users on LinkedIn. Of those 260 Million, only 3 Million are sharing content each week. I'm no mathematician, but that tells me that in a given week, just a bit more than 1% are sharing content. Why aren't you? Content can help build your credibility, help you grow trust with your network, even warm up a cold call. Again - you have an amazing opportunity to be noticed, heard and grow you and your business.

#3. Your headline is not your title. You may be an Owner, President, Manager, Account Executive, Adviser, Sales Quota Crusher, President's Club Achiever......but how do you help people? How can you provide a solution to those who work with you? THAT'S your LinkedIn headline.

#4. If you want to do business with someone on LinkedIn, woo them; LinkedIn style. LinkedIn may be an online networking platform, but think of it like real life. If you went to a networking event, you wouldn’t walk up to a stranger and ask them to buy your product or service. You would introduce yourself, get to know them, ask questions about what they do, and engage in a conversation, before ever getting to asking for a sale. LinkedIn is the same. My suggestions:

1. If you aren't connected, FOLLOW them. When you follow, the person receives a notification and may look at your profile.

2. Engage on their content – like (or other reaction), comment authentically, share it. Again, the person may notice you. 3. Post content. Offer value. Allow others to see you are someone that they would want to know, like and trust.

#5. LinkedIn offers additionally opportunity to connect with your ideal client, but you must learn how to do it on a social platform.

The average response rate on cold email outreach is 3%. The average response rate on cold calling is 3% (So combined - that's 6 returned correspondence out of 100, give or take.) When a company has least a 25% social selling curriculum and adoption rate, their wins go up to 41%. An adoption rate of 75% or greater, their win rate went up to 61%.* Isn't it worth it to invest in learning the right way to use social media to present yourself and help you grow your business?

*CSO Insights State of Sales 2019 Report

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