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Grow Your Business: Start With The 3 C's

Whether you are a seasoned expert in your chosen field, or you are newer to your job, career or industry - you are enough! You have all of the tools that you need to find success. Wait....what?

Yes, you heard me right. Oh there may be skills, certifications, and honing your expertise.....but don't overlook what is right between your ears - your MIND!

My family went to dinner two nights ago at a new Wolfgang Puck restaurant. It was beautiful, delicious and each and every detail was expertly attended to, as one would expect from the brand. At the end of the meal, a woman came to our table and asked us about our experience. As we raved about the ambiance, service and food - she graciously thanked us and told us that they had only opened 4 days ago. Four days ago!! We were floored. The knowledge, suggestions, and professionalism of the staff led us to believe the restaurant was a staple in the area! We told her so - and then she gave us her secret sauce: She "hired people who were kind and with good hearts.....you could teach them the forks and knives!" This has stuck with me the last few days. It's true. You can teach skills - but not character. Their attitudes, confidence and empathy spoke as if they were a well-oiled machine! As can yours, while you learn the ins and outs of growing your business via social media. The most important ingredient is YOU.


The first C is where it all begins. You need clarity as to who your ideal customer is. Who are you targeting? Too many times I hear, "well, anyone." Although many types of people could be your customer - you'll have much more success if you can narrow this down. In fact, I suggest you narrow it down to one person and name your avatar. If you can define the ideal customer demographically, geographically and psychographically - your life will be so much easier in the social media realm. (I can take you through a fun exercise to do this!)


Show up! Show up often and regularly. Ideally, as we work you through the process of making social media easier for you - you will have this planned out. And yes, it takes a plan. When you are using social media to grow your business, you aren't slapping random photos and thoughts up on your chosen platforms. Your posts will be intentional....and they will appeal to that ideal customer (see....that comes in handy!)


The final C is confidence. Remember how we had no idea the restaurant had been open only 4 days? This is because the staff exuded confidence. This doesn't mean that everything was perfect - it wasn't! My dinner wasn't served as ordered, but the mistake was caught, addressed and corrected so seamlessly, that I was complimentary of the expert eye and quickness of our server. You don't need to be the expert at everything. But, you will want to identify what you are great at.

What do you know you are really good at?

What makes you tick?

What are you passionate about?

You are going to want to make a list and know this because until you grow your business, there are going to be times you are going to feel like a fraud. And that's okay. You're learning....ever heard of "fake it til you make it?"

Action Items before we really dig in:

  • Identify your ideal customer

  • Take a few minutes and make a list of what you are really good at. If this is difficult for you - ask a friend, partner or your mom (who thinks you're good at everything!) for help

Just start. The action you take will breed clarity!

Need help targeting your ideal customer? Reach out! I'd love to help!xoxo Jill

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