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Creating Your Social Strategy in 6 Easy Steps

I have my ideal customer, and I know where she hangs out, but it's not where I hang out. UGH! Right? Let me let you in on a little secret: I get it. I understand. I feel you. I could be the queen of Facebook or LinkedIn. But Instagram? I'm too old for that.

OR SO I THOUGHT. Then I dug in.

I read everything I could get my hands on.

I listened to every podcast - like it was a Sunday Sermon.

I tried things. I experimented. I embarrassed myself.

So you wouldn't have to.

Really. I saw who saw my posts, my stories, my tries. Not pretty. But through it all I learned the HOW....but more importantly the WHY.

Remember when I said that it doesn't matter if you like Social Media or not? The same goes for this.

It doesn't matter if you think Facebook is uncool.

It doesn't matter if you think Instagram is too young (it's not).

It doesn't matter if you have no idea where to begin with LinkedIN.

It doesn't matter if you hate making videos.

You want your business to grow? You jump in. You just start.

I know you think I'm making it sound easier than it is. But really - it's the only way to do it. So - we make a plan. We make a Strategy. What's in this Social Media Strategy?

#1 - The social media platforms where your ideal customers are.

#2 - We are going to take a look at your competition and where they are too. What are they doing on social media - (both doing well, and not so well!)

#3 - We are going to do a Social Media Audit of your business!

What's going well? What's not going well? Where are you making connections and building relationships? Are your potential customers there?

#4 - We'll set up accounts and improve existing ones.

#5 - We'll talk content! What does that creatively look like? We can look for inspiration, and then we'll create the Inspiration! And, we are going to have an organized, smart calendar and schedule as to what to post.

(It can't be all salesy. You need to give value, inspire, educate and entertain too, in order to connect with people.)

#6 - We are going to test, analyze and adjust the results. Repeat. All the time. What worked well? What didn't? What should we deliver more of? What's moving your followers through to become customers?

And when you finally realize you should have been doing Social Media Marketing this way - you'll wish you had started sooner!

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