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Cracking The Instagram Algorithm - Part I

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Rest easy! You don’t need to beat the Instagram algorithm! Really…. it’s quite simple: do the right things and it will be in your favor! So first, let's get one really important point out of the way - the primary goal of the Instagram algorithm. Just as your business has an online strategy, so does Instagram. The primary goal of the algorithm is to maximize time users spend on the platform. The longer users spend on the app, the more ads that they’re likely to see and engage with, thus successfully monetizing Instagram.

Because of this objective, Instagram favors accounts who keep their followers active and engaged. With that, hear these words: It’s not all about you! Focus on your relationship with others

The Instagram algorithm uses a variety of what’s called “ranking signals” to determine which users and the types of posts it thinks you’d like to see, which is based on your behavior on the app. One of those top signals is relationship; AKA - which accounts do you often engage with? Which do you comment on, DM with or even search for?

I always talk about not “posting and ghosting,” and it’s true: If you are only logging on to post and then scroll around liking other posts from those in your industry, you aren’t building relationships with others who could be potential clients. 

STOP AND THINK: Even when you scroll through your feed and comment or like on the posts of those you follow, you aren’t necessarily engaging with your followers. Yes, you may follow some who follow you – but your FOLLOWERS have chosen to follow you because they are interested in your content. So, how do you fix this?

1. Go to your profile

2. Click on “Followers.”

3. Now engage with those accounts.

You need to build the relationship with your followers in order to encourage them to engage on your posts more!

Three simple ideas to do this:

1.   Use Stories! Get to know your followers by posting interactive stories that encourage them to interact. They don't have be curated or even take a lot of time…..I always say that ea simple a “this or that” story encourages them to take an action on your post. Example: use the “poll sticker” and ask them a question – i.e. “coke or pepsi?”

2.   DM them. Do you have a question about something they posted or did in a story? Ask them an open-ended question they will answer and start a conversation.

3.   When you comment (yes comment, not just like it) on their feed posts, make the comment authentic - ask a question. When I did this lately, a bunch of people chimed in to give their feedback in the comments, actually opening the doors for new connections too.

Just making the mind-shift of thinking about your followers and not yourself or those you follow, will return guaranteed dividends!

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